Computer Science

  • Chips Etc

    Our collecting of computer memorabilia first started out in 1996 during the hey-day of the IBM Personal... Read More
  • Random Science Tools and Calculators

    The intention of this site is to produce scientific tools and calculators, and store information which will... Read More
  • previsionsystems.com_-_insidetechknow

    Prevision Systems

    Prevision Systems is a single-source engineering firm for design, prototyping, OEM products, custom parts and low-volume assemblies.... Read More
  • oureducation.in_-_insidetechknow – Success comes in way is one of  the largest educational site of India which informs students , parents by rating... Read More
  • technology.org_-_insidetechknow-

    Technology Org

    The Technology Org website publishes information about various science and technology topics. We concentrate on providing news... Read More


    Here you can find technical paper presentation topics, seminar topics, technical project topics, latest trends in science... Read More
  • budisteanu.net_-_insidetechknow


    Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu, the blogger behind Budisteanu is a freshmen college student at the University of Bucharest. He has... Read More

    There is a place where technology meets reality one-on-one, where the power of synergy has the potential... Read More
  • ceda-insidetechknow


    Incorporated in 1990, CEDA is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Service Bureau. We provide Embedded Design, PCB... Read More
  • Digital Fanatics

    The digital fanatics is a group of embedded engineers based in Sweden. We are not very organized, but... Read More
  • ProPlate -Insidtechknow

    Professional Plating, Inc.

      Professional Plating, Inc. is a business to business electroplating company.  We are focused on plating of... Read More

    Technology Blog by Deekshith

    Technology Blog by Deekshith  features Articles, circuits, projects and news regarding Electronics and Communications, Computers, programming and... Read More
  • Human Level Artificial Intelligence

    This website is about advancing artificial intelligence and coming up with new ideas and approaches in solving... Read More

    My Howtos and Projects

    My Howtos and Projects is a blog about Open Source, Operating Systems (mainly linux), Networking and Electronics... Read More

    Rick’s Blog

    Rick’s Blog is dedicated to miscellaneous posts mostly about computers....
    Read More


    pcDuino is a mini PC platform that runs PC like OS such as Ubuntu and Android ICS.... Read More

    Tom Paulus -Student & Computer Hacker

    Tom is a 16 year old guy, who loves working with computers and other electronic devices. Tom... Read More
  • maxembedded-insidetechknow-


    maxEmbedded is a free and open source platform to share knowledge and learn about the concepts of... Read More
  • Ardulink-insidetechknow-


    Ardulink is a complete java solution for the control and coordination of many Arduino boards at the... Read More
  • securitygeeks-insidetechknow-

    Security Geeks

    Security Geeks is a website where Internet, and security lovers can get all what they are interested... Read More