Easy DIY Ideas

EDI will share with you his passion and experience in electronics and Do-It-Yourself projects. If you have ever been hypnotized by wires comming out of a box, you are speaking EDI’s language. EDI is not an enengeneer, nor you have to be. To understand how things work and the fun from making them work with your own hands is a passion for life.

All projects are meant to be:

Easy to build – You will need a soldering iron, a solder, a screwdriver, pliers, tweezers, scissors, a cheap digital multimeter.

Flexible – They contain LTspice simulations and EAGLE cad PCB design, so you can test them, before you actually build them, make adjustments, according to the elements you have and incorporate them in your own projects.

Cheap – The elements you need, or a suitable alternatives, may already be in your drawer. The most expensive ingredient of these projects is your time.

Practical – Theory and experiments are fun, but to keep what you have build, it surely has to be useful when turned ON.